Property Markets

(Hanoi, 13.01.2019) Talking about property markets . . . and the (cultural & economic) differences: Actually spending the last month of the Lunar Year in HaNoi, it is very interesting to see, how a booming property market can also be aligned in a direction which limits the risk of overheating . . . or even […]

Middle East Economic Slowdown

(Hong Kong, 2019-01-13) Another indicator for economic slowdown in Middle East.In a time, where National Carriers started struggling – even without drop in demand . . .

Dear Mr. Alabbar . . .

(Dubai, 25/09/2018) Dear Mr. Alabbar, this is for sure the wrong time to blow in the (wrong) nationalism trumpet. While the UAE government is intensively developing a huge bunch of reforms to attract not only more people, but especially also Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to develop the country which made also YOU big, you want […]

EU-Vietnam FTA: Good Progress for the ASEAN Region

(Hanoi, 28.09.2018) The German federal government has confirmed their support in implementing the ambitious plan: Ratification of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (FTA) until the end of this year! As per the federal government, the EU-Vietnam FTA should be given high priority. This FTA sends out an important signal of the high growth ASEAN region […]

Banking & UAE

(Dubai, 23/07/2018) As long as there are very practical bottlenecks for companies, the intended growth of entrepreneurial sectors is a kind of crippled. Blaming mainly „increasingly stringent regulatory standards“ for such delays is in our view misleading. First and foremost, there should be made a qualification offensive in UAE’s retail banking sector.

RAK Bank, RAK Bank . . .

(Hong Kong, 2018-06-06) RAK Bank, RAK Bank, RAK Bank (although it could be nearly any other UAE Bank)! You and your other competitors are well know – even over borders – for archaic and rude collection practice towards, better said against, debtors. In most cases we saw so far, YOU MADE yourself regular clients to […]

UAE VAT Update

(Dubai, 11/02/2018) The sequence of tax introductions in UAE seems to be now clear: Excise Tax – checkVAT – checkCorporate Tax – under studyPersonal Income Tax – later stage

UAE VAT Freelancers

(Dubai, 24/01/2018) Honestly, this is a kind of Catch 22! How comes?We believe:A crucial combination of hasty issued and implemented legislation;mostly no-knowledge in the „concerned departments“ about the day2day handling of VAT issues;so or so no clear rules and regulation for freelancers in a work-visa-residency-focused immigration country; It is a kind of crazy what we […]

Kuwait VAT Alternative – Tick-Tack, Tick-Tack

(Dubai, 11/01/2018) Well, this time Kuwait becomes in GCC a kind of first mover to think about a wide Corporate Tax, progressive system . . .  Let’s see who will follow when. And what they define as „minimum profit cap“. If this is the right solution – we doubt.

Striking Change in UAE’s Work Visa Policies

(Dubai, 11/01/2018) The UAE announced this week that, starting 04/02/2018, expat work visa applicants must obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct (and Behavior) from the (home) country/ies where they have legally resided over the last five years. This Certificate has to be duly attested, legalized and super-legalized in the origin country and the UAE. This […]


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