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EU-Vietnam FTA: Good Progress for the ASEAN Region

(Hanoi, 28.09.2018) The German federal government has confirmed their support in implementing the ambitious plan: Ratification of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (FTA) until the end of this year! As per the federal government, the EU-Vietnam FTA should be given high priority. This FTA sends out an important signal of the high growth ASEAN region […]

Banking & UAE

(Dubai, 23/07/2018) As long as there are very practical bottlenecks for companies, the intended growth of entrepreneurial sectors is a kind of crippled. Blaming mainly „increasingly stringent regulatory standards“ for such delays is in our view misleading. First and foremost, there should be made a qualification offensive in UAE’s retail banking sector. https://www.arabianbusiness.com/startup/401258-majority-of-uae-entrepreneurs-say-banking-is-the-biggest-challenge

RAK Bank, RAK Bank . . .

(Hong Kong, 2018-06-06) RAK Bank, RAK Bank, RAK Bank (although it could be nearly any other UAE Bank)! You and your other competitors are well know – even over borders – for archaic and rude collection practice towards, better said against, debtors. In most cases we saw so far, YOU MADE yourself regular clients to […]

UAE VAT Update

(Dubai, 11/02/2018) The sequence of tax introductions in UAE seems to be now clear: Excise Tax – checkVAT – checkCorporate Tax – under studyPersonal Income Tax – later stage https://www.khaleejtimes.com/business/vat-in-uae//no-vat-excise-tax-increase-over-next-five-years-in-uae

UAE VAT Freelancers

(Dubai, 24/01/2018) Honestly, this is a kind of Catch 22! How comes?We believe:A crucial combination of hasty issued and implemented legislation;mostly no-knowledge in the „concerned departments“ about the day2day handling of VAT issues;so or so no clear rules and regulation for freelancers in a work-visa-residency-focused immigration country; It is a kind of crazy what we […]

Kuwait VAT Alternative – Tick-Tack, Tick-Tack

(Dubai, 11/01/2018) Well, this time Kuwait becomes in GCC a kind of first mover to think about a wide Corporate Tax, progressive system . . .  Let’s see who will follow when. And what they define as „minimum profit cap“. If this is the right solution – we doubt. https://www.zawya.com/uae/en/story/Kuwait_studying_tax_alternative_to_VAT-SNG_107151929/

Striking Change in UAE’s Work Visa Policies

(Dubai, 11/01/2018) The UAE announced this week that, starting 04/02/2018, expat work visa applicants must obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct (and Behavior) from the (home) country/ies where they have legally resided over the last five years. This Certificate has to be duly attested, legalized and super-legalized in the origin country and the UAE. This […]

Standard Chartered UAE – We Love to Entertain you

(Dubai, 20/10/2014) In August 2014 already, the “so much to UAE committed” foreign bank Standard Chartered announced to exit parts of its SME business in the federation. In the beginning of this month, the mass mails went to delivery. Our recommendation to Corporate and Private Customers at that time was to close their accounts before […]

BBC – How China Fooled the World (?)

(Hong Kong, 25-06-2014) We found a very interesting BBC documentary about China's debt policy and situation from February 2014, critical as well (of course). But watch yourself. The only rough comment we would like to give from our side, avoiding any form of agitation: Most states of the world increase their debt massively for regular […]

Presenting the #1 Financial Haven for Dictators and Criminals

(Dubai, 26/02/2014) Pop quiz: When really nasty criminals and dictators want to hide their illicit gains, which country do they go to? We'll make this easy for you, multiple choice: A) Switzerland B) British Virgin Islands C) Hong Kong With all the drama, history and stigma surrounding Switzerland, most people would choose (A). Yet over […]


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