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(Dubai, 24/01/2018) Honestly, this is a kind of Catch 22!

How comes?
We believe:
A crucial combination of

  • hasty issued and implemented legislation;
  • mostly no-knowledge in the "concerned departments"
  • about the day2day handling of VAT issues;
  • so or so no clear rules and regulation for freelancers in a work-visa-residency-focused immigration country;

It is a kind of crazy what we only noticed the last 3 weeks:

Example A:
"Sir, the charged VAT as per our invoices we have to pay to FTA in full - and the input tax amounts we get refunded from the suppliers who sent us invoices"

Example B:
Go in any restaurant, in 75% of all cases the display prices as per the menus are net prices. Then comes the bill / cheque:
Net price (as per menu) plus
Net price (as per menu) plus
Net price (as per menu) plus
(Sometimes we are short before making a proposal to FTA: Give us authority to make inspections. We charge nothing fixed, but will get 10% of the gained penalties. Within 3 months we would be Millionaires - not in AED, but in Dollars. With 3 hours work per day)

Example C:
And so on and so on.



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